Diego Rivera Learning Complex

Diego Rivera Learning Center

Welcome to the GEAR UP program at Diego Rivera Learning Complex! We believe that all students can and will succeed, and we are honored to be part of your high school journey and support your ongoing success. We are here to enhance your academic, emotional, and social learning and provide you with a variety of programs to help you explore exciting careers and postsecondary opportunities that best fit what you envision for your future.

Contact GEAR UP

Email: [email protected]


Mizraim Guerrero

Site Coordinator
[email protected]

Angela Jimenez

[email protected]

Arlene Arias

Academic Advisor
[email protected]

Zenus Dismukes

Academic Advisor
[email protected]

Roxanna Carriedo

Counselor Aide
[email protected]

Yasmin Correa

Parent Education Support Assistant (PESA)
[email protected]


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