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Rise Kohyang High School

Welcome to the GEAR UP program at Rise Kohyang High School! We believe that all students can and will succeed, and we are honored to be part of your high school journey and support your ongoing success. We are here to enhance your academic, emotional, and social learning and provide you with a variety of programs to help you explore exciting careers and postsecondary opportunities that best fit what you envision for your future.

Contact GEAR UP

Office hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Dr. Kelly S. Whitten

Site Coordinator

Hali Chimil Rios


Angela Corro

Counselor Aide
[email protected]

Rayvin McCoy

Counselor Aide
[email protected]


Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship
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Jackie Robison Foundation Scholarship

JRF Scholars receive college scholarships of up to $35,000 over four years and are financially sponsored to attend JRF‘s annual, four-day “Mentoring and Leadership Conference“ in New York City and other events throughout the year.Scholars benefit from a comprehensive, four-year program that includes career guidance, internship and permanent job placement, travel abroad, and leadership and practical life skills training.

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Technology Addiction Awareness Scholarship

Young people spend an average of 7.5 hours a day consuming media–and this doesn’t include computer use for schoolwork–according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. With technology always at the ready at your fingertips, it can be a challenge to unplug. But taking a break from technology is healthy for both the mind and body. The purpose of this scholarship is to help you understand the negative effects of too much screen time.

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Weekly Scholarships

Every week we will be uploading a Scholarship of the Week to promote the various scholarships available for our students. This week’s Scholarship of the Week is ” Flavor of the Month.”

Click on the link or scan the QR code on the flyer for more information.


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Recap of Summer Events
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Schedule an advising appointment with Ms. Plasencia

For advising appointments, please schedule an appointment with our Counselor, Ms. Plasencia:

Email- [email protected]

Call- 213 604 1468

Peer Mentor Newsletter
Newsletter has important links and info regarding scholarships and Higher Education Opportunities


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Tutor.com Services

tutor.com is a free ongoing service, offered to all GEAR UP 4 LA students. Please take advantage of this amazing resource.


Username: Student ID #

Password: GEARUP5

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Hello! Plus Me ( one of partnerships ) is offering a scholarship! The My Story Matters Scholarship encourages students to write and share their own personal narratives. Each recipient will receive $1,000 ! FUN FACT RFK has had 2 winners the past recent years !!!


  1. Students can be from 9th-12th grade and currently enrolled in a school in Los Angeles County.
  2. Submit application by Dec. 15, 2023

Personal Narrative Requirements:

  1. The characters ( the people in your life who had a part in the story ex: your parents/ siblings, friends/ teachers) and settings ( home/ school/ work) that have impacted you
  2. your struggles and accomplishments
  3. the lesson you learned
  4. your plans for the future
  5. Word Count 750- 1.500 words
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August Calendar
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