Virgil Middle School

Virgil Middle School


Welcome to the GEAR UP office at Virgil Middle School.  We serve the classes of 2024 and 2025 with the goal of increasing college and career readiness for our students.  Our mission is to empower our GEAR UP students and their communities to realize their potential and turn dreams into diplomas.  We achieve this by delivering a high-quality and comprehensive array of services including parent/student workshops, field trips, tutoring, counseling, peer mentoring and academic advising.  Our office is located next to the auditorium in Room 713 and is open Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  We welcome our GEAR UP students and families to our office with open arms.  Please stop by to see us!

GEAR UP Office
Room 713
GEAR UP Cell:  213-760-8639

Our Staff

  • Barbara Goodwin

    Site Coordinator

    • College: Rice University
    • Favorite Movie: School of Rock
    • Favorite Food: Tater tots
    • Biggest Influence: My biggest influence was living in Mexico City for six years when I was in high school. I learned to see the world from a broader perspective and learned a new language and appreciation for a different culture.
    • Why I LOVE My Job: I love the GEAR UP vision to break down barriers and empower
      students and families. I love that every member of the GEAR UP family works together towards that vision every day.
  • Miriam Inzunza

    Community Representative

    • Favorite Movie:  Courageous
    • Favorite Food:  Asian
    • My biggest influence: My parents
    • Why I love my job:  I love my job because I like to help parents that like me, have children, dreams, and goals for our generation to progress with information and knowledge so that all students today, reach their potential in order to reach a University, Career, and have a better future than us.
  • Karla Marquez


    • College:  University of California, Riverside
    • Graduate School:  NYU & CSULA
    • Favorite Movie:  Cinema Paradiso, the sweetest movie ever!
    • Favorite Food: I have so many! I love all things soups like Pho, Pozole, Menudo etc. But if I had to choose a specific cuisine it would be all things Asian and Mexican.
    • My biggest influence:  My mother is my biggest influence when it comes to my work ethic, my college counselor heavily influenced my desire to be a counselor, and my high school history teacher influenced me in pursuing a career in education. They are all wonderful influential women.
    • Why I love my job … Because it’s the best! I get to help students reach their goal, and sometimes reach goals they never thought of. I love motivating students reach their potential and dream big!
  • Genesis Sic

    Academic Advisor

    • College:  University of California, Santa Cruz
    • Graduate School:  Pacific Oaks College
    • Favorite Movie: The Back to The Future Trilogies / Indiana Jones/Ever After
    • Favorite Food: Anything with carbs
    • My biggest influence: My dad is my biggest influence.  He’s the rock and moral compass of the family. His unconditional love and support is my motivation to become the person he believes I can be.
    • Why I love my job: I love my job because I wholeheartedly believe that education is an influential tool:  a tool that can create opportunities and a sense of empowerment. A tool, once earned, can never be taken away. As a former GEARUP student, I was able to experience the community and family that can come, as a result of being a part of such a wonderful program.  Being able to return to such a warm and welcoming community, establish new relationships and pay it forward is a beautiful thing.