John Adams Middle School

John Adams Middle School


Welcome to John Adams Middle School (JAMS) GEAR UP!

Students begin their GEAR UP journey in 6th and 7th grade all the way to their first year of college!

JAMS students are part of a unique cohort model where they will receive an array of services including workshops, field trips, and college advising. We also provide leadership, scholarship, internship opportunities and much more with the intention of preparing our students for college.

Your GEAR UP team is here to support you and your families. You will be able to find us in room 210. Feel free to stop by at our office to get to know what we are all about!


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Our Staff

  • Michelle Sanchez

    Site Coordinator

    • Colleges: Dickinson College (Posse Scholar) Bachelor of Arts. Boston College, Master’s in Education and History Teaching Credential. UCLA, Master’s in Education and Administration Credential.
    • Favorite Movie: “Anything for Selenas”
    • Favorite Food: Steamed Mussels and Chifrijo
    • My biggest influence: Mis Padres and my older brother. I am a proud daughter of immigrant parents from México and Costa Rica.
    • Why I love my job: I love being able to support my students beyond the classroom with their post-secondary careers. I can continue my passion for access and equity in a new capacity, passing on my own experiences as a first generation college graduate, coordinating GEAR UP’s resources and partnerships to support the next generation.
  • Elizabeth Torres

    Elizabeth Torres


    • College: Glendale Community College
    • Favorite Movie: Under the Same Moon
    • Favorite Food: Italian and Mexican (Caldo De Res & Milanesa)
    • My biggest influence: My biggest influence has been my husband, who has given me all the unconditional support to give our children a better future, meeting their goals and becoming professionals.
    • Why I love my job: I love being able to help parents with information so that our students can continue to study and pursue their careers.
  • Jennyfer Amaya

    Academic Advisor

    • College: University of Rochester
    • Favorite Movie: White Chicks
    • Favorite Food: KBBQ
    • My biggest influence: My mom is an inspirational woman. She is selfless and generous. From my mom, I have learned to be hardworking and persistent. Despite facing several hardships, she continues to be a warm and caring mother, sister, and aunt. My mom will always go the extra mile to help her family and consistently seeks to improve herself. She inspires me to be the best person I can be.
    • Why I love my job: I love my job, because I get to find ways of empowering young students to take control of their own futures. As a young student, I was lucky enough to have mentors who empowered me to pursue my dreams. For me, college was the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel and I believe that all students deserve to reach that light.
  • Abraham Loera

    Academic Advisor-Photo

    • College: California State University, Los Angeles
    • Favorite Movie: Liar Liar (Jim Carrey)
    • Favorite Food: Picadillo
    • My biggest influence: Some of the biggest influences in my life are my father and Movie Actor Jim Carrey. Reasons why my father has been an influence is because he came into this country not knowing much about its culture along with the language. He learned to adapt, work through his obstacles, and became proud of what he’s accomplished. Jim Carrey is another influence for me because, just like everyone else, he had struggles; one of them being homelessness. Using his talent for making people laugh, Jim Carrey pursued comedy and became known as one of the funniest actors in television. Looking at these two influences has shown me that I could learn, adapt, and love the things I am passionate about. That to me is the best way someone could feel like they’ve become successful.
    • Why I love my job: I enjoy being an academic advisor because it allows me to reach out to the local community and give back the support and services that I wish I had when I was going to school.