“All Aboard!” Spring College Road Trip 2019

May 19, 2019

GEAR UP 4 LA teamed up with All Aboard Tours to give 50 of our GEAR UP 4 LA students the opportunity to experience the campuses of UC Merced, UC Davis, UC Berkeley, and UC Santa Cruz through our 2019 “College Road Trip”.

These students will be applying to college in the fall, making this the perfect opportunity to find out which of these campuses is the best “fit” for them. This trip gave them the insight needed in order to make an informed decision come next year.

“I didn’t really know much about UC Davis. I had never seen the campus. I had never talked to an alum from there or a student who goes there. This is probably one of my dream schools after seeing it. And before [going to] Merced, I never really considered it. But after visiting the school, it changed my mind about how I thought about the school. And I’m glad I had the experience to go.” Ahamed, West Adams Preparatory High School.

Our students experienced much more than just campus tours. They took this opportunity to really see if these universities were the right places for them to succeed within the fields of study that they are planning to pursue.

“It’s been a really great experience. It was nice to go to different schools and walk around and talk with the students going there. Some of them had majors that we are interested in. So, we asked them questions about the major… to know what that college is looking for to be competitive within that major…It’s nice to know that I am on track.” Emijoy, Helen Bernstein High School.

A highlight of this trip was at every campus we had at least one alum from our previous GEAR UP 4 LA grant to serve as a tour guide! Not only was it great to see former students giving back to the next generation, but it was also fabulous for our current students to see people from their same neighborhoods and schools shining at the college level!

In addition to seeing what all of the campuses have to offer, our GEAR UP 4 LA students were able to fit some sight seeing into their busy schedule. Students experienced All Aboard’s, “San Francisco, the City by the Bay” tour and finished the day by getting to explore Fisherman’s Wharf.

Senior year is just around the corner. We are extremely excited to see our students turn their dreams into reality!