Moving the Conversation from College Acceptance rates to College Persistence Rates.

High school seniors are busy filling out their college applications. Once those acceptances come in, how do your students choose their college?

  • Have you ever wondered how to help your high school students choose the best college match for them?
  • How do you help students find the school where they will fit in and have the highest chance of persistence?

At GEAR UP 4 LA, we have been using the Ed Trust West ( website to help us answer those questions. The site is designed to close the achievement gap by allowing users to compare colleges to identify high-performing schools serving similar student demographics. When helping kids considering colleges, this tool can help you pick one that has a good track record of success.

Below is just a sample of data you download – look at the 6-year Grad Rate for Underrepresented Minorities among these local CA schools!

Sample data

You can pull this information and more here

For more information on college persistence, and match and fit, please read