Writing The City: Pearl Lomelli

PearlName: Pearl Lomelli

GEAR UP 4 LA School: Belmont/LATTC/Bard, 11th grade

Summer Program: Writing the City

The highlight of my summer was Writing the City. This program has inspired me to be more open-minded. I was very amazed at what I’ve learned from the city I’ve been living in my whole life.

Every day we had different missions; we traveled the city of Los Angeles. Every place was different and had a very important story to tell. What really amazed me was that these were places I pass through every day. I’ve learned that if you take time to just look around and see things in many different ways, even if you have seen it many times you will still learn something new from it because there are many different perspectives in this world.

I’m very proud to be part of the GEAR UP program that gave me this amazing opportunity to attend. It has helped me so much. GEAR UP has helped me prepare for college by letting me be a part of amazing programs like Writing the City. Through this program I have been able to find myself and get to know what my true passions are.

I would definitely recommend Writing the City to my mentees and to take all the opportunities that GEAR UP gives because they really help you find yourself and help you in college.