Summer Round Up

"I'm learnding!"

College access starts early. This summer, GEAR UP 4 L.A. students built and strengthened academic skills through two extracurricular programs. LA Trade Tech’s 21st Century Skills Program offered both academic and concurrent enrollment classes. Students who struggled with math during the school year had the chance to make up those credits with the Jaime Escalante Program.

For Melony Perez (Roybal Learning Center), it was all about new experiences. The program appealed because she wanted to learn more about art, but being at Trade Tech let her experience “a feel of a community college.” It also gave her the opportunity to befriend other Roybal students in a different environment.

Two GEAR UP school sites hosted the Jaime Escalante classes. These differed from other summer school classes in that they had smaller class sizes and the presence of a tutor in every classroom, giving students more individual attention to address personal challenges with the material. One class was also taught in Spanish for students still learning English.

Julia Muñoz (NOW Academy) fell behind because of sports last year. Not only has she caught up academically, she’s not worried about next year, either: “Now I know how to better manage my time with schoolwork and sports.” Along with several of her peers, Julia earned an A in Algebra 1 this summer.

GEAR UP 4 L.A. students enjoyed an academic summer and are back to school ready for the new year!